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We are thrilled to announce our 2nd Annual Dance For Dementia Community Gala in the Inner West, graciously backed by Dementia Australia & CareToDance Pty Ltd.

We have a whole lot of local personalities who are ready to put their dancing shoes on for Dementia.

Our Dance Stars consist of business and local community leaders who will learn to dance with the help of our fabulous CareToDance teachers. Get ready for a night of fun, DANCING, food raffles, auctions and spectacular entertainment, all in the name of working towards a more comfortable lifestyle for our Dementia friends.

With Dementia being the second leading cause of death in Australia, the money raised from this event will go towards Dementia Australia and their research team to help those affected at every point in their journey.

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Our Stars

Dance for Dementia Dance for Dementia Img 2632

Sophie Madigan
General Manager/Licensee of the Sackville Hotel

Dance for Dementia Dance for Dementia Head Shot 3

Christian Lombardo
Manager of Lombardo Cafe Deli

Dance for Dementia Dance for Dementia Img 6462

Simon Chapman

Dance for Dementia Dance for Dementia Belinda Daly L 60

Belinda Daly
The Vice President of Balmain Rozelle Chamber of Commerce

Dance for Dementia Dance for Dementia Img 2882 1

Paul Kapeleris
Personal Trainer at Vision Personal Training Drummoyne

Dance for Dementia Dance for Dementia Kerrie Fergusson

Kerrie Fergusson
Community Volunteer

Dance for Dementia Dance for Dementia Jack Robertson For Dancing For Dem 1

Jack Robertson
The Grateful Dads

Dance for Dementia Dance for Dementia Liam

Liam Muller
Balmain Rugby member & Kindergarten Teacher


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Sophie is the General Manager of the Sackville Hotel, a beloved local pub on Darling Street, Rozelle since 1876. With a strong passion for hospitality, Sophie has been in the industry for 12 years and loves being a publican within the Rozelle/Balmain community. She strives to create memorable experiences for all her guests & being a mentor for young hospitality professionals.

In her down time, Sophie is camping with her partner and their beautiful Cattle Dog, Jack or spending time with her friends enjoying Sydney’s great food & wine scene; you’ll catch her with a margarita or a glass of Alsace Riesling. When she’s not with friends, she’s enjoying family time in Port Stephens. Sophie is taking part in Dance For Dementia not only because of her support for the cause but her personal connection with dementia. Her maternal Grandmother suffered from dementia and would absolutely love that she is dancing for a better quality of life.

Christian is the manager of Lombardo Cafe Deli, a small cafe deli situated in the heart of Rozelle. With a strive for passion when it comes to hospitality, Christian has been in the industry for almost 6 years. He is always chirping with joy, singing and dancing behind the coffee machine and really loves what he does.

The entertainment does not stop there as Christian also loves to play the drums as well as many other instruments, such as piano and the ukulele. Music has really spoken to him throughout his life.

In his down time, he loves spending time with friends and his partner. Christian is taking part in the Masquerade Black Tie Dance For Dementia Gala Ball 2024 not only because of his support for the cause but his personal connection with dementia. He has had people in his life touched by dementia and wants to dance for a better quality of life for his loved ones.

I am Simon Chapman, I’ve been dancing for 3 years now. I used to hate dancing – especially in High School, but after I got older something shifted and now I love it.

My mom does a lot of charity work and that is what got me into Dance with Dementia. The last party was amazing, I loved watching the performances, that’s how I decided to be part of it.

I’m still not sure what I am doing in my routine for the next Dance for Dementia, that it’s up to my teacher, but I’ve done a few routines in the parties, so I’m ready for what they come up with.

Belinda is the Vice President of Balmain Rozelle Chamber of Commerce and has been a board member of Rozelle’s Together2 for the past 13 years, and is deeply committed to our local community. Her love for the area and her passion for making a difference drive her efforts, and she also produces the local Darling magazine with fellow local Annelie Child.

As the owner of The Marketing Edit, a consulting agency, Belinda works closely with clients, utilising her expertise in precinct, retail, and multi-channel marketing. With an impressive 20-year career in leadership roles, she has a proven track record of helping businesses grow.

Driven by her discovery of the widespread impact of dementia, Belinda has courageously chosen to participate in Dance for Dementia. Understanding the devastating effects this condition has on numerous individuals, she is determined to raise awareness and support for critical research to help people living with dementia.

My name is Paul Kapeleris aka Paulie and I am a passionate Personal Trainer at Vision Personal Training Drummoyne. I love helping people achieve long lasting results. I have been affected by dementia through my grandmother who helped raise my sister and I. She was a giving women who valued the happiness of her family, it was one of the most difficult things we have experienced to see her slip away. I am looking forward to contributing to the event!

Kerrie is writer and singer, however she is quick to tell you, she is not a dancer! When she’s not tripping over her two left feet she is a Balmain parent and public school activist who is heavily invested in the local community, from holding executive roles in non-for-profit committees to volunteer music tutoring.

You may have heard Kerrie’s voice on the radio, or seen her in the odd TV commercial but you would have NEVER seen her dancing! Nonetheless, over 400,000 Australians are estimated to be living with Dementia, it is the leading cause of death in woman and the second highest cause of death overall, so if falling over in public is required to raise funds for this incredibly worthwhile cause, then so be it.

Jack’s lived on the peninsula since 1999, and among other things he’s worked as an aged and disability carer and community bus driver, helping those living with dementia maintain the richest lives possible. In 2021 he ran for Inner West Council as an Independent, and he’s also a keen local musician, playing bass for Balmain’s own dad-ass rock-n-rollers The Grateful Dads.

Jack says: “I’ve seen the devastating impact that dementia has, up close and in many different circumstances, including while providing palliative care for my own mum and dad. One thing I’ve learnt about managing this challenging condition is the importance of staying actively engaged in community life. Dancing is the way our bodies make music, have fun with others and stay healthy all at once, and I’m privileged to join this fantastic village initiative. I’m also quietly thrilled, since I’ve always secretly fancied myself as a Fred Astaire type, and with CareToDance’s expert guidance look forward to dazzling Balmain with my coolest Dad moves!”

Liam is husband, father, teacher, coach and community volunteer. He teaches kindergarten at Nicholson St Public School and is an active member of Balmain Rugby Club having coached and been on the committee for the past 8 years. Liam is passionate about teaching and coaching, whether it’s young children or adults. He loves seeing the success of those he has taught or coached in both the immediacy of the learning and later on as well.

Dementia has affected member’s of Liam’s family and he understands how the flow on impacts all around them. Coupled with being a coach of contact sport he has seen the effects of concussion that can lead to dementia in later years. Knowing that the welfare of the individual and their future outcomes has become one his driving forces in wanting to participate in Dance for Dementia.

Celebrating the Success of Dance for Dementia 2023

We are excited to share the highlights of the successful Dance for Dementia event held on 31st May 2023. The sold-out gala, organised by CareToDance and Dementia Australia, was warmly received with positive feedback from all attendees.

Most notably, through captivating performances and generous donations, we raised nearly $90,000 for dementia research and support. This page is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments and memorable moments of this remarkable evening. Let’s look back and relive the power of dance, unity, and generosity in making a difference.

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